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The Basics of Acoustics and Acoustic Panels in Interior Spaces

The Basics of Acoustics and Acoustic Panels in Interior Spaces

The sound quality of a room quite often comes down to an understanding or misunderstanding of the room’s acoustical properties and how that room should be treated with acoustic panels to prevent any sound problems.
Acoustic Wall Panels assist in eliminating undesirable echoing.

Acoustic Panels for Churches and Other Places of Worship

Churches and other places of worship are places where acoustic wall panels and other sound engineering products can be essential to get the most out of the experience. There are often a wide variety of sounds produced by choirs, bands, and sermons for a large, possibly noisy audience, so it is key that everyone can hear what is going on. Click to read more
Acoustic wall panels can improve the sound in your conference rooms and auditoriums by eliminating unwanted harsh sounds to help attendees focus on the message the speakers are delivering

How Acoustic Panels Can Save Your Business Meetings

Business managers who lead meetings and conferences lose in significant ways when they force their team to endure a room with terrible acoustics. In this article, we’ll explain why quality acoustic panels and acoustical treatments matter in the office environment and how business leaders can get the most out the sound at meetings and conferences.
Anatomy of an ADW Panel

Anatomy of an ADW Panel

Our acoustic panels are excellent for absorbing unpleasant noise, echo, and reverb from indoor spaces. Give us a call at 608-406-4339 and we'll help you design your ideal solution