Review & Case Study:  Noisy YMCA Group Fitness Room

Review & Case Study: Noisy YMCA Group Fitness Room

Case Study Q&A with Lee Walraven, MS, RCEP, Director of Regional and Community Partnerships, Dahl Family YMCA:

  • ADW:  What was the original sound issue/problem you needed panels for?

Lee:  We heard from many of our participants that the echoing in the studio from the music and instructors using the microphone caused them headaches.  When we opened our newly renovated spaces we were hoping to hear high praise about the new spaces.  Instead we heard a lot of comments on members having headaches after leaving class due to the high levels of echoing in the room.  We knew this would be an issue, but we never anticipated how big of an issue it was going to be for us.

Lee:  Once we installed the panels we no longer had the complaints.  The room was now performing as we expected and members were excited about the newly renovated spaces and all the new services we were providing.  Essentially what happened is that the panels removed the negative issues and our members could simply focus on the positive outcomes.

  • ADW:  What feedback have you gotten from users of the room?

Lee: In our world when we hear nothing that is a good thing.  So prior to installing the panels we were getting continuous emails, phone calls, and member comments about how bad the room was due to the echoing.  Once we installed the panels we instantly saw a drop off in comments.  To my knowledge, we never heard another comment about echoing once the panels had been installed.

  • ADW:  How do you feel about the quality and look of the panels?

Lee: The panels are great!  They provide another subtle dimension to the room and really make the entire room stand out.  We get lots of comments from other Ys that tour our facility and comment about how inviting the room looks, compared to typical fitness studios.

  • ADW:  Would you buy more acoustic panels from Acoustic Design Works?

Lee: Yes