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Acoustic Panel Quantity Calculator

"How many panels do I need?"

Use the calculator below to help get an idea of how many panels you will need for adequate sound absorption in your space. Think of the range as a flexible starting point. You can always start on the lower end and add more panels later if you need to, but if your noise problem is severe, we recommend minimum 20% coverage.

Note: if your room has vaulted ceilings or is irregularly shaped, either enter as accurate dimensions as you can or contact us at 608-782-7577 for help.

Enter your room's dimensions:

Recommended Square Footage Coverage:

Cover between sqft (15%) and sqft (20%) of your total wall space.

Panel size and quantity ideas:

Choose between and of our 24'' x 24'' x 2'' Hexagons (click here to see panel options), or
Choose between and of our 48'' x 24'' x 2'' Rectangles (click here to see panel options), or

Choose at least    of the Mondrian Kits (click here to see options), or
Choose at least    of the Diamond Theme Kits (click here to see options).

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