Anatomy of a Fiberglass Acoustic Panel

Anatomy of a Fiberglass Acoustic Panel

Our fiberglass acoustic panels are excellent for absorbing unpleasant noises and echoes in indoor spaces.

Sound absorbing fiberglass panels

Our solid fiberglass acoustic wall panels contain 61% recycled content with a 0.85 NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient).  ADW acoustic panels have a solid, scientifically-designed sound wave-absorbing core.

In contrast, simple wedge and pyramid foam paneling have a NRC value of 0.4. Foam panels allow sound waves to pass through the panel and bounce off the wall. This means more panels on more walls in a room to absorb the bothersome noise and echo.

ADW's use of a solid fiberglass and the sound wave-absorbing core are the reason for the significantly higher sound absorbtion rating of 0.85 as compared to the foam "egg shell" panel's NRC of 0.4.

Eco-Friendly Fabric

The coarse woven fabric used to cover the Acoustic Design works fiberglass panels is 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. The fabric is available in many colors. If you do not see the color(s) you are looking for, contact our Customer Service We have access to additional colors and may be to match the color you are seeking.

Our acoustic wall panels are also available in a fine woven fabric made of both pre- and post-consumer recycled polyester. This fabric is available in a variety of colors by special order. Please contact our Customer Service to request swatches and pricing.

Made in the U.S.A.

The Acoustic Design Works' factory is located in Wisconsin. Each of our fiberglass acoustic panels is made to order in a variety of shapes and colors. You can mix and match colors and shapes to create the sound absorbing wall display to match your room decor.

Give Customer Service a call at 608-782-7577 and we'll help you design your ideal solution.