Eco-Friendly Acoustic Panels

Eco-Friendly Acoustic Panels

The fiberglass and fabric Acoustic Design Works uses to make their sound absorbing acoustic panels are from a recycled materials.

Recycled Content

In the manufacturing process for acoustic panels, ADW uses fiberglass and fabric.

  • Fiberglass contains 61% recycled content. Well over half of the fiberglass in our acoustic panels is recycled content.
    • 34% is “pre-consumer” glass cullet (meaning it was made but never used)
    • 27% is “post-consumer” glass cullet (meaning it was previously used). 
  • The polyester fabric covering for our acoustic panels is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic.

In other words, our acoustic panels are eco-friendly from top to bottom.

Benefits to the Environment

How does this help the environment? 

  1. Conserves Natural Resources – Sand is the basis for glass and fiberglass. It’s also the second most consumed natural resource in the world, behind water. By utilizing recycled content, ADW is helping to conserve the world’s decreasing supply of usable sand.
  2. Reduces Energy Use and Carbon Emissions – By taking advantage of recycled materials, ADW cuts back on the need to process natural resources, which saves energy and reduces carbon outputs.
  3. Protects Ecosystems – Harvesting natural resources can have a disruptive and damaging impact on ecosystems, even causing the displacement of local inhabitants.

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