ADW Impaling Clip for Mounting Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Wall Panel Mounting Instructions - Impaling Clip

APPLICATION For mounting fiberglass acoustical wall panels with adhesive and straight impaling clips.

DESCRIPTION This installation technique combines the permanence of adhesive with our impaling clips to hold them in place while the adhesive dries. This allows you to install fiberglass acoustical wall panels without the bottom support. Installation is done in the following order:

  1. Layout the panel location on the wall.
  2. Fasten straight impaling clips to the wall. Note: They only need to hold thepanel in place for 48 hours while the adhesive dries.
  3. Use only water-based, heavy-bodied adhesive. ADA recommends using WW Henry 440 Cove Base Adhesive. Do not apply adhesive in a “ribbon” pattern.
  4. Walls must be primed or painted with no grease, dust or dirt. Walls should be even, with no protruding nails or screws.
  5. With a putty knife, size the back of the panel by applying a thin coat of adhesive, approximately 4’’x4’’ square, 18’’ O.C. across the back of the panel. NOTE: Use only heavy-bodied, waterbased adhesive.
  6. Place adhesive dabs (about the size of a large egg) on each 4’’x4’’ sized area.
  7. Position the wall panel at the installation location. Press the panel straight to the wall, ensuring that the clips are embedded in the back.
  8. This installation allows the top of the panels to be installed tight to the ceiling.

Note: Due to variation in fiberglass thickness, some shimming may be required to align the panel edges

Impaling Clip Mounting Illustrations for Acoustic Panels

Downloadable PDF of Impaling Clip Mounting Instructions