Mounting Instructions for Acoustic Wall Panels - Z-Clip

Mounting Instructions for Acoustic Wall Panels - Z-Clip


For mounting fiberglass acoustical panels with two-part clips.


This installation method uses a wall-mounted hanger bar (Wall Bar) and an Impaling Z-Clip to wall mount fiberglass acoustical panels. Engaging the two-part clip requires ¾’’ of space above each panel. Installation is as follows:

  1. Lay out panel location on wall.
  2. Note that a minimum ¾’’ clearance at the panel top.
  3. Impale the Impaling Z-Clips to the back of the panels matching the layout of the Z-Clips.
  4. Measure the Z-Clip locations on the back of the panel and transfer to the wall or ceiling.
  5. Lift panel so Impaling Z-Clips in the back of the panel are above the Wall Bars. Drop panel down until ZClips fully engage in Wall Bars.
  6. This installation technique will leave a ¾’’ reveal between the ceiling and the top of the panel.
  7. Use the following guide to determine the number of clip locations required.
 Panel Size Number of Z-Clip Locations
16 SF or Less 4
17 to 32 SF 6
33 to 50 SF 8

Note: Due to variations in fiberglass thickness, some shimming may be required to align the panel edges.

ADW Z-Clip Cross Section

Downloadable pdf of Z-Clip Mounting Instructions